24-26 November 2021

Day 2

2021/11/25 15:00


Performance 2 – Correlation

A new work has been created by adding creative music from KMP (Korean Music Project) to the beautiful and dynamic gestures invented by Australia’s Restless Dance Theatre and Korea’s Light and Sound Friends over the past 2 years.

In particular, Park Sang-seo, a dancer from Light and Sound Friends, and Korean musicians will gather in one place to perform a live performance. Restless Dance Theatre, who unfortunately cannot be here this time, will be adding dynamics to the live performance by being screened on a large LED screen, and will be joining us in that way.

We look forward to a wonderful collaboration of the three teams that have united beyond each’s limitations – physical distance, time, space, and disability – through this artistic performance.


About the Music

Improvisation is the key feature regarding the music of Correlation. The outline of the music was drawn from the initial stage of composition by referring to Kim Jung-gil’s ‘Chuchomun for Eight Instruments’, the Daegeum melody in Kim SngKn’s ’Trio for Daegeum, Violin, Cello’, and the rhythms of Nongak for percussions.


Furthermore, in consideration of the role of this music in harmony with the choreography, the performers were allowed to play freely within the aforementioned outline while watching the choreography, and as those improvised elements gradually settled to find their place within the choreography, the music that became one with the dance was completed.



Dialogue of the Six Strings (Music: Lingering Sound of Koguryeo by Dae Seok Jeong )


Chuchomoon – Jung-Gil Kim



2021.11.25 (Thu) 3PM(KST)



K-MUSIC MAKERS YouTube channel (live streaming)


Running Time

45 minutes



Restless Dance Theatre, Lee Sun-hwa (Geomungo), Moon Sook (Geomungo, Yanggeum), Han Jae-yeon (Piri), Im Hye-jeong (Daegeum, Hun), Shin Jae-hyun (Danso), Kang Seung-ju (Viola), Kim Jae-eun (Cello), Jung Han-sam (Clarinet), Kim Hannah (Korean tranditional percussion), Park Sang-seo (dance)



Kim Sang-yeob (director), Han Jae-yeon (music director), Lee Sun-young (choreography), Kim Young-joon (LX), Kang Woojong (Sound), Kim Jong-rok (video transmission), Lim Soo-young (video transmission assistant), Kim Jong-rok (media design), Lee Boram(Support), Lee Yool (production manager), Koo Bon-nam (assistant production manager)

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