24-26 November 2021

Day 2

2021/11/25 13:00


International SINAWI

‘Sinawi’ is a traditional Korean shamanic music played as an ensemble of various instruments.
The International SINAWI project is a project in which Korean and non-Korean artists each compose new music with their own traditional instruments based on this framework of Sinawi.
The 2021 International SINAWI project will involve eight artists from six countries, including New Zealand, Turkey, the Philippines, India, Taiwan and South Korea, and the entire process is non-face-to-face, from planning to practice, workshops and production.



2021.11.25 (Thu) 1PM(KST)



K-MUSIC MAKERS YouTube channel (Premiere)


Running Time

10 minutes



Joenic France Juanite(Kulintang), Tam Cevzet(Saz), William Taber(Double Bass), Hsu Yun Pei(Erhu), Hwang Inhyuk (Jangu), Rajat Prasanna(Bansuri)



Jason Bae (music director), Shin Yujin (music director), Sean Yun (sound engineer), Wang Sanghyeon (video designer), Kim Hajin (project manager)

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