24-26 November 2021

Day 1

2021/11/24 15:00


Performance 1 – From Sydney to Seoul

A new music, created through cultural exchange between Australian composers and Korean traditional instrument players


The music cultural exchange between WSU and SNU took place shortly after the pandemic began. All doubts of whether this would be possible has been blown away by the wonderful final results of this exchange. Concert from Sydney to Seoul, completed with a collaboration between Korean traditional instrument performers and Australian composers, will be unveiled for the first time at Beyond Area 21. The performance includes the composer’s motives for this creative piece and stories they felt while participating in the performer’s music.


Sydney composers Robert and Jinju, and Korean gayageum player Lee Eon-hwa and haegeum player Ko Soo-jeong, created a new work through online exchanges despite being 8341km away from each other. Through music, they express and tell the audience the story of each person’s life in this pandemic.




Robert Moss(Guitar) & Eonhwa Lee(Gayageum) : Two Faces

Jinju Yang(Gayageum) & Soojeong Ko(Hageum) : Married Life



2021.11.24.(Wed) 3PM(KST)



K-MUSIC MAKERS YouTube channel (Live Streaming)


Running Time

45 minutes



Lee Eon-hwa (Gayageum), Ko Soo-jeong (Haegeum)



Kim Sang-yeob (director), Kim Young-joon (LX), Kang Woojong (Sound), Kim Jong-rok (video transmission), Lim Soo-young (video transmission assistant), Lee Dong-yong (media design), Lee Yool (production manager), Koo Bon-nam (assistant production manager), Bruce Crossman(Associated Professor), Hyelim Kim(Organisor), Alexander Frendo(Videographer)

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