24-26 November 2021

Beyond Area 21 Audition

K-Music Makers, leading the performing arts in the post-Covid-19 era, collaborates with Eun-me Ahn Company (a contemporary dance company) and Seoul National University Performing Arts Center. We are looking for young artists to take a leaf around the world as a new online platform BEYOND Area 21 ( launches in 2021. Through this audition, which is held for artists between the ages of 18 and 40 living in Korea, we expect to meet many talented people who are interested in creating new art. 

1. Audition Information 

  • Project title:
    1. CAHNG-CAHNG 2022
    2. Online Content productionPerformance and Video production date: in 2022 (Exact schedule to be confirmed)
  • Hosted by: K-Music Makers
  • Organized by: Seoul National University Performing Arts Center
  • Cooperation by: Eun-me Ahn Company, SNU Department of Korean Music

2. We look for

  • Those between age of 18 to 40 who have all the necessary qualities (Vocal/sori, acting, dance, etc.). Foreigners residing in Korea are also eligible to apply.
  • Those who can collaborate with an open mind in convergence work.
  • Those who do not have any grounds for disqualification from performing at home (South Korea) and abroad.
  • Those who can participate in future practice schedules and performance schedules (gender, major/degree are irrelevant).

3. Award benefits

  • Mentoring of current experts in each field
  • Chang-Chang: Support for workshops in various fields such as dance, singing, and acting. Support for performances
  • Content production: Support for production (staff, equipment, etc.). Support for overseas distribution

4. Application process

  • 1. Application review
  • 2. Examination (only for those who passed the application review)
  • Common
    – 1 work from your Major/Degree (the field in which you are most confident in)
    – You may demonstrate any special skill (from a field different from your main major)
  • Chang-Chang Project
    – 3-4 popular songs (your favorite songs, one can prepare not only Korean songs but also foreign songs)
    – Dance – Bring accompaniment music / instrumental (in your USB) or improvise with music prepared on site.
    – No restrictions on costumes
  • Online Content Production
    – Presentation and demonstration of video one would like to create (within 3 mins)
    – Demonstration of one’s works created in recent 5 years (within 2 mins)

5. Application submission and documents to be submitted

  • Application form: Download and fill out the form provided on the Beyond Area website
  • Application deadline: 3rd November (Wed) – 19th November (Fri)
  • How to apply: Application forms are accepted only by e-mail (send you application form to:
    – We do not accept mail or in-person submission
    – Write the email subject as follows (Application Form_John Doe)
  • Required documents: Application form, Cover Personal Statement 1 copy of profile picture
    – Applications are accepted only in the attached form, do not change the form to different format
    – Profile photo must be submitted in jpg file

6. Audition Schedule

  • Audition announcement and application submission: 3rd November 2021 (Wed) – 19th November 2021 (Fri)
  • Announcement of 1st successful applicants: 22nd November 2021 (Mon) / Individual notification to successful applicants
  • Date of Examination: 24th November 2021 (Wed)/ Location and schedules to be confirmed
  • Announcement of final successful applicants: 30th November 2021 (Tue)/ Individual notification to successful applicants

7. Notes

  • If you need an MR file (accompaniment music / instrumental) for your examination, you must bring the file in your USB.
  • Make sure you download and fill out the application form provided on the Beyond Area website. (Application with a different format will not be accepted)
  • For more information, please contact the Beyond Area 21 Audition manager (